Duvet or Comforter: Which is Better?

Have you ever questioned what the difference is between a duvet or comforter? Each serves a different purpose and depending on what you’re looking for specifically determines your choice. They are different from another, but also complementary.

What is a Duvet?

A duvet can be defined as a type of bedding that is a soft flat bag filled with down, feathers, wool, or a synthetic alternative. It’s also protected by a removable cover that is available in numerous styles and colors to match a variety of tastes. Like a pillowcase protects your pillow, the duvet cover protects the duvet. A duvet is usually more thickly filled than a comforter.

A duvet is made to fit the bed to equal size and can be used to replace a regular comforter or be an extra top cover. They come plain and designed, and you can usually replace the cover as much as you like, all while the duvet stays in perfect condition. Sets come in twin, full/queen, and king sizes. It’s easier and cheaper to change styles, as you don’t have to replace the whole set.

The Comforter

A comforter can be defined as a blanket made with a built-in cover that usually comes in a set. Like the duvet, comforter sets come in all sorts of colors and patterns to fit a twin, full/queen, or king size bed. A comforter usually needs to be properly washed, made with materials that require special cleaning requirements. It’s not likely you will be able to wash and fit your comforter into your home washer and dryer. They are often sold in complete sets with sheets and pillowcases. Comforter designs can also match the design of other room accessories, such as curtains and shower curtains.

Which Is Better For You?

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can find affordable bedding with choices in both duvets and comforters. Duvets are easier to clean compared to comforters that require professional dry cleaning. If you are indecisive about design, a duvet would be a better choice since you can switch the cover frequently and affordable. If you are set on a specific design, a comforter is usually made in matching bed skirts, curtains, and shower curtains. Duvets tend to be thicker in width compared to comforters. If you are looking for something heavier the duvet would be ideal compared to a comforter that is usually thinner and less warm.  

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Curtain Rods: Metal or Wood?

You might not realize the difference between your choice of a metal or wood curtain rod when it comes to decorating the interior of your house. Depending on your windows, the color of your walls, and other design features depend on what type of curtain rods could complement or clash with your home. Here are the pros and cons of wooden and metal curtain poles to help you make your decision.

Why You May Prefer Metal Rods

Do you prefer adjustable curtain rods? Ask yourself what your window sizes may be, and depending on your answer, something adjustable may work best for you. Metal rods are more adjustable as opposed to wooden rods that are usually sized to fit. If your windows are wide, it’s suggested to use metal and choose a one-inch or larger diameter.

Purchase curtain brackets that will hold the rods up. Also, buy metal clip rings to compliment the metal rods and hold up the hollow insides of the rods that may bow in the middle. If you want to create or keep a modern feel to your home, you may want to select metal rods. A shiny rod can compliment an off-grey, sheer, or white curtain, giving the interior of your home a sleek look. Metal is more durable and can hold up a heavy set of curtains.

Reasons Why Wooden Curtain Rods May Work Best

If you have a home that consists of tall windows, wooden rods may be your best choice. They can support more weight, because unlike metal rods, they are not hollow inside. You’ll want a larger diameter within your wooden rods to support a bigger window.

The wood trends collections bring a classic look to the window and are ideal for any rustic, woodsy, traditional, formal, or Tudor-inspired design scheme. If you have a wood-furnished home, there are many options of wooden rods to complement the exact color of the wood in your home. You may want to decorate your home to have a rustic or romantic feel, and adding wooden rods could give you the feeling you want. Choosing the right curtain rod may also depend on the color you desire.

Come to The Curtain Shop for High-Quality Curtains

Whether you decide to decorate your home with wooden or metal curtain rods, The Curtain Shop has you covered with tons of options for all your needs. Whether you’re decorating a new home or giving your current one a makeover, The Curtain Shop is your one-stop-shop for all your home decorating needs.

We provide only the highest quality curtains and the most affordable prices. Come to see what people have known since 1953 – that The Curtain Shop has everything you need to make your home look fabulous! Contact us at 866-886-3632 for more information.

Four Reasons Bamboo Curtains Are So Popular

Window treatments are the finishing touches to any room, but selecting the right fabric and design can be difficult. Interior designers are suggesting bamboo curtain because they not only offer a vibrant, neutral color that blends with most decor styles, they double as attractive modern home accents. Bamboo symbolizes peace, happiness, health, strength, resilience, and a strong life filled with prosperity. It’s time to take a second look at this beautiful, versatile plant as window treatments and other home accents. Here are four reasons bamboo curtains are growing in popularity.

Bamboo Offers On Trend Style

What are bamboo curtains, and why are they trending? Bamboo is an organic, natural material available in a variety of colors and will easily coordinate with other wood features like exposed beams, paneled walls, natural wood furniture, and flooring. Bamboo adds balance, depth, and texture while creating a sophisticated architecture unlike fabric window treatments and traditional curtains. It is timeless material and meets the growing desire for homeowners looking for a natural, airy space. It is the perfect material for mixing the old with the new, and a stylish element that mixes and matches with all home decor styles.

Bamboo Is Versatile

For those interested in creating a flow throughout their home, especially if they have different color schemes and styles in different rooms, hanging versatile bamboo curtains in each room creates a stylish and cohesive flow throughout the home. Bamboo is a remarkably strong material and can be used alone or woven into other fabrics and materials. Wood blinds, roman roller shades, curtains, and toppers can be created using bamboo. Bamboo offers both fashionable and functional elements while allowing natural light to enter the room, creating a pleasant ambiance.

Bamboo Is Affordable and Easy To Care

What are the advantages of bamboo curtains compared to other window treatments? Bamboo is beautiful, accessible, and won’t break your budget. Bamboo curtains are available in many price points and are easy to cut and customize to most window shapes and sizes. Some bamboo curtains even offer a fabric lined backing for privacy and acoustic reasons. Bamboo curtains are extremely easy to mount and even easier to maintain. They require very minimal care and can be quickly dusted or wiped with a damp cloth or soft brush without being removed from the windows.

Bamboo Blends The Outside And In

Bamboo curtains are perfect for bringing in the beauty of the outside. Decorating a home has become a celebration of connection humankind with nature. Responsibly caring for our environment and recycling and reusing materials for multiple things are growing in popularity and is a very important mission for younger generations. Using natural organic materials to decorate inside our homes celebrates nature in an enjoyable, beautiful, and respectful way. Bamboo curtains and window treatments bring a piece of the outside in, while allowing us to adjust the amount of daylight we want inside our homes throughout the day.

Call the window treatment experts at The Curtain Shop and see how bamboo curtains can add beauty to your home. Contact us with any questions, via email or call us at 866-886-3632.

The Benefits of Buying Curtains Online

Traditional brick and mortars are becoming increasingly unpopular as the ease, convenience, and wide selections of online shopping surge in popularity. Online shopping has changed the retail industry. These days,  with just a click of a button, anyone, anywhere can order jeans, furniture, and even cars while sitting at home. With sizing guides, reviews, and competitive pricing— it’s no wonder more and more people prefer browsing online shops from the convenience of their homes. Buying curtains online is no different.

Benefits of Shopping for Curtains Online

So, let’s discuss the assortment of curtains you can find online versus in store. When was the last time you saw a store completed dedicated to curtains, drapes, and all things window treatments? Shopping for curtains online offer two standout benefits that you may not be able to find in a brick and mortar near you.

Wide Selection

Shopping for curtains online makes it easy to find exactly what you need. There are online retailers selling curtains, shades, rods, and drapes. In fact, you’ll probably a wider variety of styles, lengths, and colors on an e-commerce shop than you would in a big box store. The best online shops have a variety that suits every need and style: insulated, short, long, valances, crocheted, and even energy-saving panels.

Not only will they have blackout curtains, but they’ll also carry every other kind of curtain needed throughout your home. A wide selection doesn’t just mean different prices, sizes, and texture of curtains. Selection means an array of window treatments for your space. Chances are, there are no local brick and mortars that holds as many blinds, drapes, shades, and curtains The Curtain Shop. It really is the curtain shop!

Custom Made

Custom curtain designs and fabrics aren’t always available locally. Thecurtainshop.com has hundreds of fabric selections. You can order samples of these fabrics, so you don’t go into your custom design blind. In fact, we highly recommend it. This is an excellent option if you have a particular vision in mind or if you want to customize your window treatment.  

Customer Service

It’s only natural to have questions about sizes, colors, and prints. Many traditional stores don’t have sales people with decades of experience with curtains. That’s where thecurtainshop.com is in a league of its own. It’s been in business since 1953 and specializes in knowing everything about curtains, drapes, shapes, valances, and curtain rods.  

There are also useful online resources on how to measure curtains to your window, offering tips and tricks on how to hang certain curtain types and even fabric care.

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Home Décor Dilemma: When Are Curtains the Right Choice?

Maybe you have a new home or apartment and you’re trying to figure out how to decorate the windows. Perhaps you’ve lived in your home for a long time and you want to update the decor. Either way, you’re looking at your windows and you want to make a change. You’re unsure if you want blinds, drapes or something else. So when are curtains the right choice? The answer is more often than you probably think.

You may already know that you want curtains. Curtains and windows just go together, right? You’ve checked out countless looks on Pinterest, but you’re not sure which is the best bet. You may have your eye on drapery, but are unsure about this option as well. What’s the difference between curtains and drapes anyway? And when would you choose curtains over the rest?

Differences Between Curtains and Drapes

Drapes and curtains are similar in that they’re both typically fabric panels. The biggest difference between them is that drapes are more likely to be lined, heavy, and bit stiff. Curtains, on the other hand, are light and unlined. Since curtains are much lighter than drapes, you can pair curtains with different hanging options such as fabric or metal sleeves, rings, or grommets. If you’re looking to add height, texture, color, or pattern to the room; curtains are the way to go.

Curtains Amplify Height

Common thinking is to hang curtains flush to the window frame. This is okay, but in some cases, it can make your space appear smaller and even less spacious than it is. If you’d like to add height to a room, hanging curtains and drapes six to 12 inches above the frame is an easy trick. The point here is to draw the eye upwards in a room.

Curtains Add Texture

Here’s an inspiring curtain idea that you don’t have to pay for: use curtains and drapes to add texture to your space. Seriously. Elements such as lace, sheer, bamboo, pleated, and ruffled can add to whatever atmosphere you’re going for. The primary use for texture here is visual appeal. For instance, pleated drapes can add a dramatic effect to your dining room while sheer curtains in your living room can exude vibrancy.

Curtains Intensify Color

Last but not least, the psychology of color is often used by interior designers to set a particular tone throughout a space since color can affect the mood of anyone that steps into a particular room. Painting is a big commitment, and what happens when you want to change up the functionality of your space? Let’s break this down a bit further, depending on the function of your space, color determines the atmosphere. If you want to bring a cool or calming element to a room, blue is the way to go. A splash of red can help build appetite in the kitchen. Lavender is great for relaxation and green inspires concentration.

Are Your Ready to Order Your Curtains Online?

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Three Considerations When Choosing Outdoor Curtains

Get your wonderful outdoor space ready for parties, meetings, and casual gatherings by hanging quality outdoor curtains. Beautiful weather-proof fabrics, shades, and toppers add a decorative, finishing touch, an element of privacy, and extends your home’s living space. Curtains for patios, porches, pool houses, pergolas, decks, and other outdoor areas are available in a multitude of styles. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect outdoor curtains for your space. Ask yourself these three questions:

What Do I Want My Outdoor Curtains to Accomplish?

Do you want your curtains for privacy or to divide outdoor spaces into separate areas? Are the curtains temporary or will they be permanent? Do you want shades, curtains or toppers? Once you decide what you want, your outdoor curtains to accomplish then you can start looking for curtains that will work for you and fit your needs. Whether you select see through sheers, bold colors, interesting dimensions, shades, blinds, or just fabrics to blend in with your home’s overall look, your outdoor curtains should provide both fashion and function.

How Will My Outdoor Curtains Be Mounted?

Evaluate, research, and measure your outdoor space to see if it’s possible to hang the curtains you selected. The most effective way to hang them is with a tension rod. Curtain rods can also be installed on a wall ceiling or inside mount (if they are available).

Are there walls, beams or other structures to mount curtain rods, clips, and other necessary hardware? How long or short do you want the curtains to hang? Is there enough room? Do you need tie backs, string or wire ropes for the curtains and how should they be installed? You may have to rethink the type of curtain you select for your space based on these criteria. Or you may have to create a customized structure to hang your curtains from. If this is the case, consider how to creatively design this structure so it complements your overall space.

What Fabric Is The Best Choice For My Space?

This is a very important question because the last thing you want is to hang your perfectly fitted, beautiful outdoor curtains and have them ruined because the fabric or hardware wasn’t meant for the outdoors. The heat, humidity, rain, wind, and other forces of nature will most definitely damage your curtains and rust the mounting elements, especially if they aren’t designed for an outdoor space. If the curtains aren’t designed specifically to withhold the environment’s impact, they will fade, shrink, mildew or mold, and tear and will have to be replaced.

Invest in quality outdoor curtains that are meant specifically for outside. They might be more expensive than indoor styles, but this is an investment you should make for long term enjoyment.

For even more ways to select the perfect outdoor curtains for your home, contact the excellent customer service team at The Curtain Shop. If you have any questions, you can contact us via email or call us at 866-886-3632. We look forward to helping you.


Four Ways Curtains Can Make Your Home Feel Like Spring

Spring has approached and you’re looking for a way to spice up your home and bring a sense of freshness to the area. Decorative curtains are an awesome way of making your home spring friendly.

You will need to consider a few things before purchasing the right curtains for your living quarters. It’s time to put away those old thick winter-fashioned curtains and use a light-weight, flowing, bright colored curtain to shed some light throughout the house.

Let’s take a look at the top four ways you can make your home feel like spring using curtains as home decor.

Choose a Bright Color to Luminate The Room

Nothing says spring like a perky yellow, orange, or light blue. Color scheming has a lot to do with the “feel” of any room in the house. To get the spring vibe you will need to color coordinate by choosing a color that fits the overall tone of the room. When in doubt you can always go with an off white or beige that is likely to fit in with any color scheme.

Nude colors are popular in modern homes and you might choose to pick out a light grey or tan to welcome spring into your home. The best curtains for spring will have both a bright and transparent allure.

Fabrics That Are Perfect for Spring Decor

We’ve covered the right colors and now we need to discuss the right fabric to bring in the new season. Obviously cotton is a favorite in households since it’s soft and easy to get a hold of. You can also opt for linen or silk. Silk curtains will make the room stand out with the perfect touch of elegance.

If you want to go the romantic route then lace is the best option. Choosing the right fiber truly depends on your preference for the overall “feel” of the room.

Which Patterns Work Best for Spring?

You can always go the cliche route and choose flowers and vines, but if you want something a little more sophisticated try a modern pattern with abstract shapes.

Intricate patterns and designs will make your living arrangements stand out to guests and suite your own personal pleasure. There’s nothing like walking into a house with detailed curtains. Complex designs on decorative curtains make the room stand out and are the perfect way to invite the spring season in.

Do You Know Which Rooms to Place Your Curtains?

Placement is important because you will want to show off your new purchase. Usually, the kitchen and living room are great places to start using your new curtains. Sunlight shines through those curtains and into the living room to light up the whole area.

Try holding back your curtains with a dazzling bracket to set off the new look.

Come to The Curtain Shop for our Spring Decor

The Curtain Shop provides only the highest quality curtains and the most affordable of prices. We have everything you need to make your home look fabulous!  Contact us at 866-886-3632 for all of your curtain and bedding needs.


Change Your Bedding: Spring is Here!

With the dreary winter days behind us, it only makes sense to make changes in our homes that befit the cheery mood outdoors. The spring is the perfect time to change your bedding, stripping your bed of the double-layered wool blankets and flannel in favor of light, crisp linen and cotton.  Apart from the routine clean up, that’s typical of any spring, changing the bedding is an easy and effective way of updating its look without too much fuss. Updating your bedding will not only make it aesthetically pleasing, but also helps us enjoy the full benefits of a comfortable sleep.

How to Clean Your Bed for Spring

Before spreading your spring bedding, your bed could use some cleaning. Remove the bedspread, bed sheets, pillow cases, mattress cover, and quilt.

This would be the ideal time to clean your pillows. Most of them are machine-wash-friendly, but always remember to check the tag for cleaning instructions. Run them through the rinsing cycle twice to make sure that all detergent or soap is rinsed off.

If possible, let the mattress sit in the sun for a few hours. This freshens it up by dispersing any smells and scents that might have accumulated over the winter. You can also vacuum it to get rid of the trapped dust. Before re-making the bed, flip it over as this will help it wear evenly.

How to Choose the Best Bedding for Spring

Here are a few simple bedroom hacks that will help you easily transition from the winter to the spring.

Swap Heavy Bedding for a Layered Comforter

With the unpredictability of the spring weather, it would be ideal to opt for a layered duvet. This way, you will be ready for unreasonably chilly nights and for the warm ones.

Choose Lightweight and Breathable Bedding

Linen and cotton are not only lightweight but also naturally breathable. These bed sheets will keep you comfortable all night long as it is naturally moisture wicking. This means that you can use them right through to the summer  

Add a Pop of Color

Bring the outdoors to the indoors by changing your bedroom’s color scheme. Choose bright pastels of your new quilt, comforter, bed skirt or bedspread to add depth. You can replace your plain sheets with those with an embroidered or scalloped edge for an instant makeover. Consider replacing your rugs, lampshades, throw pillows, and curtains in lighter or neutral hues. Popular spring colors you can include in your bedrooms décor include light green, yellow, white, light blue, and coral among others.

Rearrange Your Furniture

With the fresh start the spring season offers, it could be time to shift your furniture around for a roomier and fresher look.

Ready to Change Your Bedding? Come to The Curtain Shop

Other spring design ideas for your bedroom include adding fresh or dried flowers or potted plants. The Curtain Shop provides only the highest quality curtains and bedding at the most affordable prices. Get in touch with us today at 1-866-886-3632 and let’s help you reinvent your bedding with something warm and light for the spring.

What Curtains are Best for My Bedroom?

Choosing the right curtains for your bedroom should be a big part of your decorating plan. But how do you go about deciding on the best curtain for your bedroom?  There are many considerations. For example – are you going for a certain look or do you want a particular color or print or pattern? Maybe you want to create some drama. Or perhaps your goal is to put your bedroom in total darkness, to help you get a better night’s rest. The choice is yours. The decision is yours. The variety – that’s on us. We offer a huge variety of curtains, from which you can select the perfect bedroom window curtains. Let’s get started!

How to Choose Bedroom Curtains

Solids, sheers, lace, prints, stripes, velvet, damask, faux silk, cotton, sateen – so many choices. And these are just a few of the curtain choices we offer. Decisions, decisions, decisions – we know deciding what to choose for your bedroom curtains can be tough. Here’s a little insight to help you at least narrow down your final choices:

Embrace the light with Sheer Curtains

Sun-worshippers might want to stick to sheer curtains, such as our Hydrangea Bouquet Embroidered Faux Linen curtains. Simply beautiful!  Whether you’re going for a traditional or more modern look, sheer curtains will complete the look. They can also soften a room and are a great choice if you’re going for a romantic vibe in your bedroom. Sheer curtains are timeless. Don’t forget you can also frame your sheers with beautiful solid panels.

Darken Your Room for Better Sleep

Many people who suffer from insomnia and other sleep issues, often look for ways to help them sleep better.  Darker rooms are one of the elements for better sleep, and blackout bedroom curtains or room darkening curtains are the perfect way to block unwanted light. They also work well for people with non-traditional sleep schedules – for example – schedules that require you to sleep during the day-time. These curtains will also save you money on your energy bills. Here’s another bedroom curtain tip: to lighten the look during the daytime while still getting a bit of privacy, add sheer curtains to the mix.

Bold Color Lovers

If you want your curtains to stand out – really stand out, go with our Chevron Horizontal Stripe Pattern curtains that come in contemporary colors.  Or, you can always go with white curtains and leave your bold touch to your bedding. Our Latitude Comforter set in green is the perfect touch

Give Me Drama, Please!

If you’re leaning more towards a traditional bedroom, you might want to try some heavier curtains in the darker colors. You can always add some sheers to that. And for more drama, try one of our elegant valances.

When looking for the best bedroom curtain selection, check us out. And in addition to curtains, draperies, shades, and curtain rods, we also offer bedroom comforter sets you can coordinate with your bedroom curtains.  Right now, we’re running a special – save $10 dollars on purchases of $100 dollars or more. Simply use Coupon Code MAR19. The offer expires the end of March. Contact us with any questions, via email or phone at 866-886-3632.  Happy decorating!

How to Select Curtains for Your Kitchen

Many of us are in the midst of spring cleaning. If part of your plans includes renovating or even painting the kitchen, don’t overlook your kitchen curtains. You may not even realize how long it has been since you replaced or cleaned them. Kitchen curtains are exposed to a multitude of unwanted elements such as dust, grime, cooking scents, and if they’re located near the stove – grease.  We’re so glad you’ve decided to upgrade your curtains. There are many great choices for kitchen curtains. Here is some insight on how to select kitchen curtains.

Tips on Choosing the Best Kitchen Curtain

Location of Windows

One of the first things you need to consider is the location of your kitchen window(s). Obviously, if your window is located over the sink or stove, you should either go with short curtains or perhaps a roman shade or a valance. All of our window shades are available in multiple widths to fit nearly any window. We have curtains to fit nearly every style of window.

The Size of Your Kitchen Matters

If you have a smaller kitchen, curtains in light, cooler colors will make it seem bigger. If you have a much bigger, even over-sized kitchen, warm colors are best.

Decorative or Functional

There’s no doubt that curtains can complete the look of your kitchen. Do you want them for decoration, or do you need them to satisfy a function? Do you need a type of curtain that you can easily open or close?  Do you need more privacy? Take all of that into consideration when choosing your kitchen curtain.

Best Fabric for Curtains

You will also need to make sure you’re choosing the best fabric for your kitchen curtains. If you need privacy, you should go with a heavier fabric. But if you want privacy, while still letting in sunlight, consider sheer curtains. When thinking of a kitchen, bright and airy usually come to mind, and you can create that vibe with lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen. These fabrics are also washable in case you like washing your curtains often.

Options for Big Kitchen Windows  

If your kitchen windows are big and require curtains that go to the floor (French doors or double doors, or even a large bay window), you may want to opt for a neutral shade for your curtains. That’s because when exposed to lots of sunlight, some bright colored curtains tend to fade faster.  Neutral shades for interior design can include gray, silver, white, beige, cream, ivory, taupe, tan, and even black.

Consider the Style of Your Kitchen

Are you trying to go for a particular kitchen vibe or style? Your choice of curtains can help dictate that. For example, for a Bohemian kitchen, a floral-patterned window treatment should work beautifully. For a kitchen with a homey, country cottage vibe, consider getting a checkered or plaid design. Do you favor a modern or more minimalist look? Curtains in a solid neutral color or a bold abstract design would fit the bill perfectly.

We Offer the Best Kitchen Window Curtains

When looking for the best kitchen curtain selection, or top-quality, but affordable window treatments, check us out. In addition to curtains, draperies, shades, and curtain rods, we also offer beautiful bedding. And right now, we’re running a special: save $10 dollars on purchases of $100 dollars or more. Simply use Coupon Code MAR19. The offer expires on March 31.  Contact us with any questions or call us at 866-886-3632.