4 Reasons You Should Buy Drapes Online

Interior decor is an investment and can leave you looking for some of the best draperies online, but The Curtain Shop has all the information you need.

Buying any piece of interior decor is an investment. That includes buying draperies online, which can easily be a hassle, no matter who you’re purchasing from. However, having a reliable, responsive service to pick our your new window dressing can easily become one of the most enjoyable parts of redecorating. For instance, when you purchase digitally, you get benefits like: 

You Get What You Want

No matter the size of your local retailer, it’s bound to be limited in some sort of capacity through shelf space and inventory logistics. Besides, who wants to go through the process of hoofing it all the way to the store only to realize that they don’t have what you need in stock – or at all. By buying custom drapes online, you get the benefit of getting any color, pattern, and texture you want without any of the typical brick-and-mortar restrictions. Whether you’re buying from a pre-purchased selection or looking for something that matches your home and aesthetics, we have it. If you want to know exactly what you’re getting before checkout, we are more than happy to provide reliable, quality fabric samples. 

Quick, Reliable Service

At your average brick and mortar store, you may have to worry about staff that simply can’t attend to your every needs, regardless of how good their intentions may be. They may be attending to other customers, or simply don’t have answers to your questions. By buying custom designer drapes from a trusted online retailer that has attentive, knowledgeable customer service, you’ll always be a step ahead. Plus, you won’t have to worry about related inconveniences- such as traffic and parking. It’s a beautiful new digital age, and everyone can participate in it- even custom designer curtain shops!

No Disorganization

By purchasing your drapes online, you know exactly what you’re getting and where you’re getting it. Easy to navigate menus replace difficult to find shelves that may not be properly organized or reachable by you. Forget all of the fuss and difficulty that comes with looking through isles of things that you don’t need, and check out as soon as you find what you want. You won’t even have to worry about logistics like difficult to reach locations or weirdly shaped stores that have half of the inventory in the back.

Get Everything At Once

When checking out custom design fabrics, chances are that you need accessories to accompany it. Unfortunately, chances are that those elements aren’t carried in your typical brick-and-mortar, and may be fairly limited. Things like rods and tiebacks are all part of the drape-owning experience, and The Curtain Shop has what you need to assimilate whatever you choose into your home. We recognize that you want choice, and are ready to accommodate almost any aesthetic with our selection.  

Looking For Some Of The Best Draperies Online? You’re In The Right Place

Don’t worry about dealing with the hussle and bussle of retail when you can get some of the highest quality custom draperies around efficiently and effectively online. Check out our contact page for any questions, or to request a sample

Five New Ways You Can Beautify Your Home Without an Interior Designer

Discover how you can have custom design curtains and various accessories to make your home look like an expensive designer decorated it.

Having a beautiful, functional home should be accessible to everyone. While, yes, some would have you think that you could only get meticulously designed, attractive homes can only be accomplished by shilling out money for an expensive designer, reality tells a different story. The fact of the matter is that with a little bit of research and know how, you’ll be well on your way to incorporating everything from custom curtain designs to various accessories in no time with a few basic steps: 

Buy Online

Whether you’re looking for a new, sturdy curtain rod or custom designed curtain fabrics, chances are that your local retailer may not have exactly what you want. That’s why the world of retail is officially at your fingertips thanks to efficient, reliable online commerce! You won’t have to have some ultra-specific connection for a particular item. Just click checkout, and you’re on your way to an amazing new interior. 

Know The Basics

Nobody’s an expert with any activity at first try. That’s especially true for any creative endeavor, such as interior decorating (hey, that’s often why people pay top dollar for a designer consultation). By doing a little bit of research on things like color theory, textures, theming, and the functionality of certain materials, you’ll find yourself well on your way to being able to put together something truly special. 

Give Yourself Time

You never rush quality- especially when you’re not an expert. That’s why it’s important to give yourself the time and space to *breath* and to know what you’re doing before going into the next step of the process. It’s a long walk, not a sprint, and there’s no need to make costly, time-wasting mistakes along the way.

Know What You Want

Being able to visualize your end goal is always one of the first steps to any important venture. With that being said it seems like oftentimes people become complacent on what someone else thinks is best for them, and may settle for less because of it. And yes, this is even the case when choosing things like custom designer curtains. 

Here’s the thing: the person that best knows what they want and what’s best for their home is you. Yes, a designer can give you suggestions and help bring your ideas to life – but the end result is up to you

Talk To People

Of course, that’s not to say that you should shun all advice. Taking suggestions from other people – even family and friends that know your situation the best – can be extraordinarily helpful. Even just a spark of inspiration can lead to some pretty great things. As long as you have a vision and know how to implement other factors and details suggested from others that can strengthen the end result, you should be fine. 

Want Custom Designed Curtain Fabrics and More For Your Home? 

No matter your aesthetic or practical needs, The Curtain Shop is here to provide. Our store has a variety of custom designed curtain fabrics ready to be adored in any home! Just give us a call or check out our contact page to learn more (or to request a free fabric sample).

Five Curtain Styles for Every Room

Buying curtains, especially door window curtains, are not an easy task, and there is a list of five styles of curtains to keep in mind when you purchase.

While it may seem like new curtains should be a relatively easy thing to buy, there are a surprising number of variables to keep in mind to get the best results for you. Things like adjustability, how they gather at the top, and installation methods all play a huge part in making a final decision for this particular piece of interior decor. Buying curtains, especially for specialty areas like glass doors and windows, can be difficult. Keeping that in mind, here’s a list of five styles of curtains you can purchase online or in a brick and mortar store that will keep you and guests satisfied for years to come.

Tip: Before buying curtains online, make sure that you take care to measure your window dimensions. You may also want to consider if energy-efficient blackout curtains are right for your situation.

Door Panel Curtains

Having tall, beautiful doors fitted with elegant windows that allow for natural light to shine through your entrance – at first glance – seems like a dream come true. While yes, they are almost as amazing as they sound, finding an accessory to allow you a bit of control over lighting and privacy can be difficult. At that point, you need properly fitted door window curtains that will keep things covered from top to bottom. These curtains can be hung through hooks, rods, or rolled up.

Ruffled Curtains

If you’re looking to integrate an elegant, classic look into your home, ruffled curtains are the way to go. The actual ruffles that make the curtain can be set in any quantity and place on the set. They come in a variety of soft, pastel colors that can bring an old-fashioned, calming feel into any home.

Pencil Pleated

A common choice (and for good reason), these hanging bunches of fabric have a set of string on the top that makes for easy installation on almost any rod or hook. Of course, they are not limited to any room and are great for anyone who may not have a lot of experience installing these pieces of decor.

Pinch Pleated 

Much like pencil pleated curtains, these are classic, straight, easy to maneuver pieces of fabric that can be hung anywhere from your glass door to a window. However, these are designed to maintain an elegant and eye-catching “bunched” look at the top. Both come in a variety of colors and fabrics and are bound to fit almost any aesthetic preference.


These curtains are, as the name implies, supported by fabric “tabs” on the top that slide easily into any rod. Your choice of accessories may be somewhat limited (for example, no hooks), but they are known to be sturdy, exceptionally easy to install, and add a unique, endearing feel to almost any room.

Looking for Quality, Affordable Curtains Online? The Curtain Shop Can Help

Whether you’re looking to find the right curtain for your windows or glass door, shopping has never been easier. With the wide selection of beautiful, customizable fabrics at The Curtain Shop, you’ll find the perfect match for your home and lifestyle in no time. 

To learn more about our selection and what we do, contact us at 1-866-886-3632 today. 

Bring in the New With Spring Drapes, Valances, and Curtains

Incorporating some of your spring home decor ideas is not always easy, but if you follow a few basic intuitive rules, you cannot go wrong.

As of this writing, it’s official. The clock has just jumped forward, and it’s time to give your home a nice deep cleaning after a long winter of cozy hot drinks and sedentary afternoons indoors. Unfortunately, incorporating your spring decorating ideas can be easier said than done. It’s ok; nobody’s an expert. That’s why it’s important to follow a few basic intuitive rules, such as:

Let Light In

With the variety of materials available for fabric window displays across all varieties, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to experiment and play around with various fabrics to see what you like for what season. From thick, warm suede to silks, different materials tend to impact:

1) the weight of the item

2) the opaqueness and transparency 

Personally, I recommend that you celebrate the coming warmer weather and longer days by allowing as much light as possible with spring decorating ideas that incorporate light, easy to clean, sheer drapery.

Don’t Be Afraid of Soft Pastels

Spring is the time of redecoration and a return to a bright aesthetic that signifies the coming summer. In other words, there’s no better time to take a few risks with your spring home decor. Oftentimes, having interior items in the understated yet eye-catching colors of your lavenders and mints are a great way to bring in the season, and could last you until the return of cooler seasons.

Tip: Polka dots tend to look great in pastels, and is another way to signify the exuberance for life that the season has come to represent.

Floral Prints

As birds and insects become increasingly vocal after a long, dormant winter and rain returns in droves, it’s not surprising that spring has long been associated with rebirth, new beginnings, and a return of nature around our homes. Because of this, people often incorporate flowers and floral shapes when thinking about spring house decor ideas. They also happen to lend themselves to colors you would usually associate with spring, such as greens and citruses. Realistic or abstract, you have a variety of designs to choose from, all able to be easily implemented. 

Tip: Daffodils tend to be the go-to plant to represent spring. 


Tassels tend to provide an eye-catching flair to any piece of decoration they adorn. From pillows to valences, they accompany many decorative items. Depending on how you use them, they can implement a variety of moods to a room, oftentimes providing a sense of whimsical freedom or elegant opulence. More importantly, they happen to be super in this season. Our recommendation for implementing these particular pieces is to keep it noticeable, but somewhat understated. For your window dressing, try relegating them more or less to your tiebacks or valances.  

Looking for More Spring Decorating Ideas? The Curtain Shop has What you Need.

Don’t be lost in the woods when trying to plan out your interior. Wanna talk to our experts about all things spring home decor? Check out our contact page or browse our online store.

Four Reasons You Should Add Valances to Your Windows

Your windows are designed to be eye-catching inside and out. Sometimes, they need a little bit of help with the assistance of some accessories to really light up a room and pull their weight decor-wise. That’s why – along with curtains – valences can be a great way to bring your window decorating game up a notch. Here are four reasons to add valences to your windows. Continue reading “Four Reasons You Should Add Valances to Your Windows”

Don’t Make These Four Mistakes When Mixing Blinds and Curtains

When decorating, you want to make sure that your newly customized space that’s both functional and holds up to your aesthetic preferences. This is particularly important to keep in mind when decorating something like a window, which takes up so much visual space in a room. Sometimes, however, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself and make certain missteps that give you a result that you may not like.  Continue reading “Don’t Make These Four Mistakes When Mixing Blinds and Curtains”

Curtains vs Drapes: What Are the Pros and Cons?

In this day and age of mass production and efficient shipping, it may not come as a surprise that the variety of choices that every consumer has at their fingertips may feel overwhelming. Especially when choosing between two seemingly different products, such as curtains and drapes online. However, look a bit closer, and you’ll see apparently small but incredibly important differences that can totally change how you use and enjoy these items. Continue reading “Curtains vs Drapes: What Are the Pros and Cons?”

Curtains 101: The History of Curtains

Elegant, light blocking, and part of our everyday lives, curtains are an important and pervasive piece of interior decoration. What you may not know is that the history of this piece of textile unveils a fascinating look into the evolution of fabric creation and trading, showing how this simple but effective invention quickly changed lives all around the globe. It also reveals that curtains have a surprising amount of different uses that you can apply to your own life.  Continue reading “Curtains 101: The History of Curtains”

Step Up Your Swag With Swag Valances and Curtains

From the renaissance era to your home, valances (sometimes called “swags”) have maintained their popularity across all cultures and classes thanks to a variety of designs and materials that are artistically arranged in a way that can complement almost any home. In this age of mass production and accessible customization, you can find quality swag valance curtains in almost any cut, size, color, pattern, and texture.  Continue reading “Step Up Your Swag With Swag Valances and Curtains”

Blinds vs Curtains: How to Choose What’s Right for You

Nobody should have to settle for interior decor that simply doesn’t work for their needs and personal taste. However, there may come a time in your journey of design that you’ve purchased a type of item that simply does not fit your needs, and winds up being more of a hassle than it’s worth. This is especially true when attempting to choose between items that have a similar function, such as curtains and blinds online. 

At The Curtain Shop, our experts care about making sure that any aspiring home-decorator is well educated on all of their options. That means not only understanding how these two types of window dressing differ aesthetically but in their functionality as well. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to stunning window dressing that you’ll be able to enjoy to its fullest potential for as long as possible. 

Blinds vs Curtains: Where Does it Matter?

To really get down to what you want to look for when choosing a new window decoration, it’s important to get down to brass tacks with what each has to offer – and what aspects may not be preferable in certain situations. 

Blinds Pros 

  • Relatively easy to clean (simple dust and wipe down once in a while)
  • Cost-efficient
  • Great light control that’s extremely easy to adjust
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Won’t become moldy in high-humidity environments and rooms

Blinds Cons

  • Somewhat limited in style
  • May not offer complete privacy
  • The pull cord (the strings/rope that you’ll use to adjust everything) may get caught
  • Can be somewhat noisy

All In All

If you find yourself looking for a minimal, easy-to-operate window dressing, some quality blinds may be just what you need. Keep in mind that the majority of blinds come in earthy/natural/gray tones, and you may want to make sure that your interior decor reflects that. 

Tip: If you want to spice up your blinds, you can always try painting them, and can even incorporate different designs with a stencil. 

Curtains Pros

  • Come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns. 
  • Provides excellent insulation
  • Can block out all light (especially if you decide to go with blackout curtains)
  • Can be easily adjustable
  • Does not require a pull-cord

Curtains Cons

  • Heavy and could be difficult to clean/wash
  • Will easily attract various particles in the air (pet hair, dust, etc)
  • May make a room feel/seem smaller than it really is

All in All

Go for curtains if you want a decorative window dressing that you can easily change out and adjust at any time.

Tip: Decorating curtains tend to be easy with the variety of accessories you have available to you. Check out our online curtain store for a variety of rods, tiebacks, and swags

Check Out The Curtain Shop for a Massive Selection of Top-of-the-Line Curtains and Blinds Online

In the battle of blinds vs. curtains, all the truly matters is that you’re able to find something that truly expresses your style and gets the job done. At The Curtain Shop, you’ll discover a world of custom, fairly priced curtains and blinds from the convenience of an online space.

Have any questions? Looking for a quote or sample? Check out our contact page to speak to our responsive and experienced customer service team. Call us today at 1-866-886-3632 to speak with one of our interior design experts.