How to Choose the Perfect Curtains for Your Living Room

Whether you’re playing a game of charades with friends, doing movie night with the family, or listening to Uncle Larry tell that one story for the fourth time after Christmas dinner, your living room is that central meeting place that has seen a lot of living. Whatever happens in your living room, the perfect curtains add character, speaking to individual style and personal comfort.

But do you know how to choose curtains for your living room that will be both stylish, and provide convenience and practicality? Here are what to look for and what you can do to make your living room look its best.

How High is Your Window?

Whether your window is high with a cathedral ceiling or conventional, it’s aesthetically pleasing to choose the right curtain length. However, a common mistake when buying curtains is not having proper measurements. That results in curtains that are too long or too short.

Personal preference will dictate whether you want your curtains to “kiss” the floor, or billow. Whatever you choose, you’ll need to manually measure the dimensions to get the correct length. Here are some simple steps to follow before knowing how to choose curtains:

  1. Measure the desired length you’d like your curtain to be, starting from the top of the window frame (or rod), and end it where you want the curtains to stop.
  2. For floor-to-ceiling drapes, measure from the ceiling to one inch above the floor.
  3. Begin measuring four inches above the window frame to one inch above the floor for floor length curtains.
  4. Make sure to document these measurements carefully. You’ll need them when choosing your curtains.

Window’s Width Measurements

Width measurements are also essential for proper coverage. You may have to take three different measurements to get a more accurate reading: top, middle, and bottom lengths. You’ll also have to:

  • Measure the window on the outside of the frame. Go with the widest measurement. Choose the narrowest measurement when measuring the inside of the frame.
  • If you have a rod available, instead of measuring the outside frame, you can measure it from end-to-end. If the rod has end caps or finials, measure the width of the rod between them.
  • Accurately document the proper measurements, paying close attention to the different window sizes.

Practicality and Functionality

The living room can be the busiest room in the house, and with all that activity, you may opt for practicality and function over style.

Room-darkening (Blackout) Curtains

Room-darkening curtains have the blackout features built in them, making them thicker. Not only do these curtains block out the sunlight, that process also reduces energy costs and helps to protect furniture and floors from sun damage, saving you money.

Flame Retardant Curtains

Flame retardant curtains are made out of fire retardant material and also help with lowering the room’s temperature, making it as cool as you like it.

Insulated Curtains

Apart from the energy reducing properties, the insulated curtains prevent warm air from leaving a heated room, allowing cold spaces to constantly stay warm.

Where To Go

Look no further than The Curtain Shop for any need you may have. With our Almost Custom program boasting over 500 fabrics, you can get custom curtains at a fraction of the cost.

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Amazing Holiday Decoration Ideas

If you’re one of those creative, inspired people who decorate their home for the holidays – and we mean – seriously decorate – including your windows, we bow down to you. We love your holiday decorating spirit!  Windows are the perfect landscape to show off your holiday vibes.

With the holidays just around the corner, we’re sure your ideas are already beginning to percolate. The Curtain Shop will add to your creative flow with our amazing holiday decoration ideas! Keep reading to learn more.

First Things, First: Housekeeping!

But before we get into the ideas, let’s do some “housekeeping” – literally! Don’t forget to clean your windows and wipe down the dust, dirt, fingerprints, etc. from the window sills. If your windows have blinds or shades, don’t forget to dust them off or clean them, as well. You don’t want your guests to brush up against dusty blinds or dirty windows. That’s not a good look. Now – unto to holiday décor!

The Bright Colors of the Season

We’re going to start with a brief discussion on holiday color themes. The main colors of Christmas are red, green, white, with sprinkles of silver and gold. Now, with that as your backdrop, along with your beautiful, clean windows, let’s go-o-o-o!

Adorn Your Windows with Holiday Decor

So – you say you want Christmas curtains. We have some amazing DIY suggestions for holiday curtains and ways you can make your actual windows more festive for the holidays. We love the idea of hanging oversized ornaments or a group of sparkling ornaments in your windows.

In addition to ornaments, acrylic snowflakes that light up or snowflake decals also work, beautifully.  And how’s this for a bright idea – bight LED curtain fairy lights, reminiscent of falling snow? Those would work with or without curtains, though some sheer curtains or even lace curtains would make a great backdrop and enhance the look.

Of course, you can’t go wrong when hanging wreaths in windows throughout your home. And wouldn’t your kitchen window look divine framed in scented garland? We knew you’d love that idea!  And keep in mind that for some of these decorations to stand out, you will need to get some sheer curtains, preferably in white. We have a huge selection of sheers.

Here’s an idea from our Almost Custom curtain selection. If you want to add “holiday” red to your rooms, we have the perfect textured red curtains that will instantly put your guests in the holiday spirit.  You can always add colorful, flirty toppers – valances, swags, and other window toppers to the mix. And if you’re into the Bohemian Gypsy look, think fringes, and go ahead and add lots of them in the colors of the season, of course – to your curtain.

The Kiddies Will Love Their Holiday Windows!

Don’t forget the kiddies! We have a great idea for holiday curtains for their room, and it’s really easy to create. For this, you’ll need a pair of white fabric curtain panels, preferably cotton.

You’ll also need to head to a hobby store or fabric store and find any flame-resistant, decorative applique featuring a fun, whimsical holiday scene. Something with a flannel or other type of cloth backing would work best. Depending on what you find, you can either iron or glue the décor onto the curtain. Instant fun!

Unleash Your Holiday Decorating Talent

We hope our guide gives you some ideas on how you can showcase your holiday creativity! For some more inspiration, look through our impressive collection of fabrics and styles – and don’t forget the bedding! You won’t be disappointed.

The Curtain Shop will help you decorate your home for the holidays. Call The Curtain Shop, your one-stop-shop for all your home decorating needs, at 866-886-3632. We love amazing décor as much as you do! Happy Holidays!

How Long Should Floor Length Curtains Really Be?


We’ve all seen it. You go to someone’s home and notice that – in your opinion – their floor window curtains are either too long or too short for a particular space or window. Or, are they?

Yes, personal preference comes into play, but there are some “rules,” if you will, that you may want to consider when hanging floor length curtains. As your fellow curtain experts here at The Curtain Shop, who better than us to share our professional insights to the question, “how long should floor-length curtains really be?”

So Many Curtain Choices, So Many Decisions

When we say that you can choose from many different types of curtain fabrics, we’re not kidding. We offer a seemingly unlimited amount of choices of the highest quality curtains on the market today. We offer silk, faux silk, sateen’s, lace, velvet, cotton, cotton blends and polyester, just to name a few, along with sheer fabrics, linings and interlinings.

Don’t forget the various curtain brands. We also feature an Almost Custom shop, where you can explore over 500 fabrics by top manufacturers. There’s so much to consider, and that’s even before you get to the measurements! But not to worry, we’ll help you navigate all of it.

Do Curtains Have to Touch the Floor?

A discussion on curtain measurements begs the question, “do curtains have to touch the floor,” and “how many inches from the floor should curtains hang?” We like to say that when in doubt, unless there’s an obstruction such as a radiator, we highly suggest floor-length, or an inch above. You can’t go wrong with floor length. It’s an elegant, classy look.

Another modern and hip – yet traditional – look is the bottom of the curtains breaking just slightly at the floor. If you’re wondering just how long your panel or curtain should extend on the floor, keep this in mind: the longer the curtain hangs on the floor, the higher the maintenance. Think dirt, animal hairs and crawling babies tugging at them. Of course, you’ll have to move them and adjust them every single time you vacuum that area.

We Can Teach You How to Measure Floor Length Curtains

There are other considerations on how to measure curtains for your window. Curtains come in various lengths – 63-inches, 72-inches, 84-inches, 95-inches, 108 inches, and 120 inches. Also, if your curtain includes a fringe or some type of edging, you’ll need to include that length in your measurement. The same applies to a dust ruffle.

Also, when a curtain has a header or topper that’s above the rod pocket, it’s usually not included in the length. Some of the more popular headers or tops include rod pocket curtains, grommet top curtains, pinch pleated drapery and valances and swags.

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