Four Reasons You Should Add Valances to Your Windows

Your windows are designed to be eye-catching inside and out. Sometimes, they need a little bit of help with the assistance of some accessories to really light up a room and pull their weight decor-wise. That’s why – along with curtains – valences can be a great way to bring your window decorating game up a notch. Here are four reasons to add valences to your windows. Continue reading “Four Reasons You Should Add Valances to Your Windows”

Don’t Make These Four Mistakes When Mixing Blinds and Curtains

When decorating, you want to make sure that your newly customized space that’s both functional and holds up to your aesthetic preferences. This is particularly important to keep in mind when decorating something like a window, which takes up so much visual space in a room. Sometimes, however, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself and make certain missteps that give you a result that you may not like.  Continue reading “Don’t Make These Four Mistakes When Mixing Blinds and Curtains”

Curtains vs Drapes: What Are the Pros and Cons?

In this day and age of mass production and efficient shipping, it may not come as a surprise that the variety of choices that every consumer has at their fingertips may feel overwhelming. Especially when choosing between two seemingly different products, such as curtains and drapes online. However, look a bit closer, and you’ll see apparently small but incredibly important differences that can totally change how you use and enjoy these items. Continue reading “Curtains vs Drapes: What Are the Pros and Cons?”

Curtains 101: The History of Curtains

Elegant, light blocking, and part of our everyday lives, curtains are an important and pervasive piece of interior decoration. What you may not know is that the history of this piece of textile unveils a fascinating look into the evolution of fabric creation and trading, showing how this simple but effective invention quickly changed lives all around the globe. It also reveals that curtains have a surprising amount of different uses that you can apply to your own life.  Continue reading “Curtains 101: The History of Curtains”

Step Up Your Swag With Swag Valances and Curtains

From the renaissance era to your home, valances (sometimes called “swags”) have maintained their popularity across all cultures and classes thanks to a variety of designs and materials that are artistically arranged in a way that can complement almost any home. In this age of mass production and accessible customization, you can find quality swag valance curtains in almost any cut, size, color, pattern, and texture.  Continue reading “Step Up Your Swag With Swag Valances and Curtains”

Blinds vs Curtains: How to Choose What’s Right for You

Nobody should have to settle for interior decor that simply doesn’t work for their needs and personal taste. However, there may come a time in your journey of design that you’ve purchased a type of item that simply does not fit your needs, and winds up being more of a hassle than it’s worth. This is especially true when attempting to choose between items that have a similar function, such as curtains and blinds online. 

At The Curtain Shop, our experts care about making sure that any aspiring home-decorator is well educated on all of their options. That means not only understanding how these two types of window dressing differ aesthetically but in their functionality as well. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to stunning window dressing that you’ll be able to enjoy to its fullest potential for as long as possible. 

Blinds vs Curtains: Where Does it Matter?

To really get down to what you want to look for when choosing a new window decoration, it’s important to get down to brass tacks with what each has to offer – and what aspects may not be preferable in certain situations. 

Blinds Pros 

  • Relatively easy to clean (simple dust and wipe down once in a while)
  • Cost-efficient
  • Great light control that’s extremely easy to adjust
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Won’t become moldy in high-humidity environments and rooms

Blinds Cons

  • Somewhat limited in style
  • May not offer complete privacy
  • The pull cord (the strings/rope that you’ll use to adjust everything) may get caught
  • Can be somewhat noisy

All In All

If you find yourself looking for a minimal, easy-to-operate window dressing, some quality blinds may be just what you need. Keep in mind that the majority of blinds come in earthy/natural/gray tones, and you may want to make sure that your interior decor reflects that. 

Tip: If you want to spice up your blinds, you can always try painting them, and can even incorporate different designs with a stencil. 

Curtains Pros

  • Come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns. 
  • Provides excellent insulation
  • Can block out all light (especially if you decide to go with blackout curtains)
  • Can be easily adjustable
  • Does not require a pull-cord

Curtains Cons

  • Heavy and could be difficult to clean/wash
  • Will easily attract various particles in the air (pet hair, dust, etc)
  • May make a room feel/seem smaller than it really is

All in All

Go for curtains if you want a decorative window dressing that you can easily change out and adjust at any time.

Tip: Decorating curtains tend to be easy with the variety of accessories you have available to you. Check out our online curtain store for a variety of rods, tiebacks, and swags

Check Out The Curtain Shop for a Massive Selection of Top-of-the-Line Curtains and Blinds Online

In the battle of blinds vs. curtains, all the truly matters is that you’re able to find something that truly expresses your style and gets the job done. At The Curtain Shop, you’ll discover a world of custom, fairly priced curtains and blinds from the convenience of an online space.

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How to Choose a Bedspread Online (Without Pushy Salespeople) That’s Right for You

When it comes to the practicality of certain design elements, especially for the bedroom, there is no decorative piece more useful in our daily lives than sheets and bedding. We fuss over how to properly clean and store them, how to find the best bedspreads online, and which ones best suit our taste and lifestyle. Your bedding is an essential part of your bedroom’s visual and functional appeal. It can bring cohesion to a room’s look, add a splash of color, and generally allow you to express yourself creatively. 

However, the right bedspread does more than bring a room’s look together. It offers various health benefits for the mind and body. Not only does it keep you warm at night, but studies show heavier bedding may even alleviate anxiety. This article will outline how to choose a bedspread that is right for you so that you can get all these great benefits.

Types of Bedding

Not all bedding types are the same. There are a few different kinds of bedspreads that are widely available, all with minor stylistic differences. Some require less maintenance than others, while some need special attention. Therefore, it is a prudent idea to learn about what options are available before you invest in bedding that you may not love completely. Here are some common types of bedding:


Quilts contain three layers of fabric sewn together, consisting of a top decorative layer, a middle “batting” layer for weight and warmth, and a final backing layer. Typically lighter than other bedding, it can go through the wash in cold water.


Comforters use two pieces of fabric filled with down or cotton and stitched together. While some comforters can be machine washed, you may want to double-check the instructions. They come in a variety of sizes, and some may not fit in all washing machines. 


Duvets are characteristically a white cover filled with down or cotton. You can insert them into a removable decorative cover, which can go through a regular wash.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Bedding

All these bedding types come in a variety of sizes and styles. They are also all durable when appropriately kept. The difference lies in things such as stuffing, material thickness, and weight. That’s why, when choosing your bedspread, you may want to ask yourself specific questions, such as:

  • How heavy do I want my bedding to be?
  • How warm do I want to stay at night?
  • Can I properly clean heavy bedding?
  • What kind of look do I want?

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At The Curtain Shop, we sell much more than just curtains! Visit The Curtain Shop for a full selection of bedding options, as well as matching high-quality interior design items and accessories. We have everything from curtain rods to throw pillows. With us, you will find that special something to match your style. Call us at 1-866-886-3632 or visit our contact page to speak with one of our interior design experts or request a fabric sample to match your current décor.

Building the Best Bedding Set-Up for Your Home

Regardless of how much time you spend in your bed, you want to make sure that you’re comfortable and relaxed the entire duration. We all know how unpleasant it can be to spend hours trying to find the perfect position that will finally allow us to get to sleep. 

That’s because nighttime comfort can be reliant on several different factors, and your mattress is only the beginning. Finding the best bedding sets—ones that fit your personal preferences and home decor—can require a bit of forethought. However, if you keep these few factors in mind, you’ll be sure to be a successful bedding shopper and acquiring amazing sheets in no time at all. 

Don’t Underestimate Size

While it’s understandable that—when remodeling—you would want to be conscientious of space, it’s important to keep in mind that when it comes to finding the best bedding sets, bigger is better. Especially if you have a partner and pets who use the bed. Having a larger bed means more room to comfortably stretch and lay down, and is even important for having a comfortable night’s sleep. After all, who hasn’t had a bad night because of a bed that simply wasn’t designed to hold two people or sheets that don’t cover both partners effectively. 

Keep Comfort In Mind

Believe it or not, the material that makes up your bedding can make a huge difference in your quality of sleep/general comfort level. For instance, when it comes to thicker, starchier, low-quality fabrics for your bedsheets, you may find that things like temperature control and general softness are… shall we say, less than optimal. There’s also the fact that heavier bedding has been proven to have an anxiety-reducing, calming effect. In other words, it’s important to consider functionality when choosing the kind of bedding you’re going for. It can make the difference between a cozy night’s sleep or feeling constrained for hours in an environment that might be too cold or hot. 

Tip: You may want to test the material before actually buying it.

Think About How You Want Things to Look

Most people have some sort of aesthetic preference when it comes to interior decoration, and thinking about how things will look in your room is no different. Fortunately, all sorts of bedding is available in literally all materials and colors, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find sheets that can work with your room.

Some things that you might want to consider are: 

  • Making sure that your colors follow basic decoration conventions.
  • The color of your curtains and various other objects in your room. 
  • Don’t add too many patterns or graphics.
  • How long a particular material will last.

Tip: Lighter colors, like blues and grays, can match with almost anything.

Buy the Best Beautiful Bedding Set-Ups and More at The Curtain Shop

If you’re looking for a selection of some of the best bedding sets and interior decor items online, you’re in good hands with The Curtain Shop. We have king and queen bedding sets and comforters in all varieties of styles and materials. Whatever you’re looking for, our selection is bound to be able to fit nearly any personal style, and decorative pillows to match. To talk to one of our experts about what they do (or for some inspiration on your next project), give us a call at 1-866-886-3632, or reach out through our contact form.

How Custom Designed Curtains Can Help You Find Your Interior Design Groove

When decorating your home, thinking about things such as your preferred color choice and where to put furniture can be overwhelming. That’s why it is tempting to spend an unnecessary amount of money on a professional interior designer. The trained eye and experience of an interior designer could be helpful, especially since not everyone knows how to design fabrics, implement element blocking, or utilize the latest trends.

However, you don’t need the specialized skills of an interior designer to create an aesthetically pleasing space. You can start small and simple by using custom curtains and then begin moving on to more advanced techniques of decorating. Let’s look at how custom curtains can help you find your interior design groove.

Starting With Custom Curtains

One particularly low-risk interior item that you can try playing around with is curtains. They come in every look under the sun, and what’s better, you can exchange them frequently for different styles as they store easily. The Curtain Shop has a diverse selection of affordable custom design curtain fabrics that you can buy by the yard. With our almost-custom curtains, you can find solutions for even the most challenging rooms. Get the perfect height on your drapery and the right cut for your valances. Once you find curtains that are an ideal match, you can focus on pairing them with other pieces of furniture or even the walls. The only limitation to decorating at this point is your imagination. 

Moving Beyond Custom Curtains

Here are some basic rules to keep in mind when starting your interior decorating journey: 

  • Give the illusion of space: Things like smaller, brighter furniture can go a long way in helping a more modest space seem more inviting and alluring.
  • Get a “statement piece” or two: Every room needs a loud, attention-grabbing item, such as curtains or a couch, that draws the eye and gives the place personality.
  • Find your perfect pattern: Utilize patterns in your space to give your room more height and depth, as well as create a unique aesthetic.

The process of interior design is a personal journey. Don’t put too much concern in specific “rules” or conventions. Take the plunge and figure out what you like without allowing the perspectives of others to dominate your decorating. If you follow this thought process, then you will be on your way to a beautiful home in no time.

Find Almost-Custom Curtains at The Curtain Shop

Start your interior design process by choosing almost-custom curtains from The Curtain Shop. From there, you can create a personalized space that matches your taste and aesthetic. The Curtain Shop has a diverse selection of interior design accessories, including bedding and decorative pillows, that you can pair alongside your curtain choices. Call us today at 1-866-886-3632 or visit our contact page to speak to one of our interior design experts or request a fabric sample to coordinate with your design vision.

How Ottomans for the Home Can Save Your Living Room

Sometimes, you may feel like your living room is missing a little something. Your couch may be a bit too small for all your guests, or you find yourself running out of storage for your books. In these cases, you may want to add an ottoman to your home. Small, simple, and effective, these pieces can be a practical and aesthetic solution to your interior decorating worries. This post will describe the ottoman, its uses, and how it fits in with other design elements.

What Are Ottoman Seats? 

You can think of the ottoman as a sort of micro-couch without the back. Many people utilize them as a footrest, and some ottomans even have removable tops that hide convenient storage spaces. They come in a variety of materials and colors so that you can match them with your preexisting décor. You can also purchase ottomans in unique shapes, such as octagons.

This piece of furniture derives its name from the Turkish Ottoman empire. Original Ottomans looked quite different from the corner seats we see today and were initially designed to fit around three walls of a room. This type of large couch encouraged socialization and was popular among the Turkish upper class. Ottomans became popular in Western Europe in trendy social clubs. Eventually, it decreased in size to fit more neatly into a single corner.

How Do You Use an Ottoman?

One of the main appeals of these micro-couches is in their versatility. They can extend your sofa, act as a footrest, or store virtually anything. Many ottomans can roll around on wheels, making them perfect as a “pick up and play” piece of furniture. Therefore, you don’t have to commit it to one area necessarily.

As for how they work in a design scheme, they can be incredibly useful for filling space. If you have a big living room, ottomans can satisfy the void of “negative space,” meaning you can eradicate those useless pieces of furniture. On the other hand, if you want to be efficient with your living area, you can store them away under a table when not in use.  

Whatever size ottoman you’re looking for, or however you’re planning to have it fit your aesthetic, it’s bound to be an excellent piece that can entertain guests for many years. If you’re choosing an ottoman that doesn’t quite fit your couch, make sure that it at least has a cohesive design. Choose a color that doesn’t clash with the rest of your décor. You can even try to match the colors with other elements in the room, such as a reclining chair or your curtains

Looking to Find the Best Ottomans Online? Check out The Curtain Shop

Whether you are looking for ottomans or for decorative accessories to match your new ottoman, The Curtain Shop has a diverse selection of high-quality interior design products that can correspond with any aesthetic. Call us today at 1-866-886-3632 or visit our contact page to speak with one of our interior design experts or request a fabric sample to match your current décor.